OMG! The Final Empire is an astonishing piece of Literature


“There’s always another secret.’ – Kelsier”
― Brandon SandersonThe Final Empire

Hey guys how’re doing! Its Harsh here and today I’ll be telling you about the most astonishing book I’ve read. So from a long time I’ve been listening good things about Mistborn in the Book-tube Community and they all just keep on recommending this book for fantasy lovers. And so I finally picked this up and here I am with my new favorite book: Mistborn : The Final Empire!


Set in the Final Empire, where ash falls from the sky, and mist dominates the night, an evil cloaks the land and stifles all life. ‘Lord Ruler’ who claims to be the god rules over it from a thousand years. Two Mistborn – A trouble maker & a thief together with their companions together plan a mission to throw the Final Empire. 

Magic System

Allomancy is an ability gifted to some by which they power of drawing supernatural powers from metals and alloys. There are Mistings who can burn a specific metal to attain it’s abilities and then very rarely there are – ‘Mistborn’ : Those who can ingest every metal or alloy to gather its powers. ex – Tin can enhance senses or steel which can push on nearby metals.

My thoughts

So the book is actually pretty long so it took me all of the March to read it, since I was very busy this month. So as I completed it I just put it down and took a long breathe and realized that I’ve finished an EPIC!

I just loved this book so much that I would definitely give it a reread. The best part was the plot. It was so well thought and so well executed. The plot-twists were really painful but were so fabulously planned.

The main reason that I kept reading this book even after its huge length was because of ‘Kelsier’ our main Protagonist. He was the best. I’ve never read such an outstanding character in my whole life. He’s always gonna be my most favorite character of all time.

The other characters were just as stunning. I loved each of them so very much. All and all I got even more then I expected I would get out of it so it was a real pleasure read. I loved it and it jumped into the top of my list throwing – ‘Ready Player one’ to the second place.

Let me know how did you felt about this book If you’ve read it and let me know some of your favorite scenes from this book so we can discuss on that. I hope you enjoyed it! goodbye!